Translational Drug Discovery and Development


Translational Drug Discovery and Development has a strong translational pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamics research interest that is focusing on improving medical therapy by optimizing drug product performance by the use of various experimental in vitro, in situ, in vivo models and clinical studies together with theoretical modeling and simulation. Within the department, the Translational Drug Discovery and Development group is collaborating with the Pharmacokinetics and Quantitative Pharmacology group led by Professor Ulrika Simonsson. Together we form a unique and strong research focus group with long tradition of translational science from innovation ideas to clinical trials in different therapeutic areas, which involve several PhD students, post docs and senior scientists.

This is summarized into five key research areas:

  • Novel and innovative tumor treatments: Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics principles
  • Oral delivery of new drug modalities, such as peptide-like drugs
  • Mechanisms of intestinal injury and novel treatments
  • Physiologically and system based modelling of pharmacokinetics and pharmacologyPulmonary drug delivery