News from Protein drug design group

  •  Our paper entitled “Enhanced neprilysin-mediated degradation of hippocampal Ab42 with a somatostatin peptide that enters the brain” got accepted in Theranostics 

Enhanced neprilysin-mediated degradation of hippocampal Ab42 with a somatostatin peptide that enters the brain

Fadi Rofo1, Canan Ugur Yilmaz1, Nicole Metzendorf1, Tobias Gustavsson2, Chiara Beretta2, Anna Erlandsson2, Dag Sehlin2, Stina Syvänen2, Per Nilsson3, Greta Hultqvist1* 

1 Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
2 Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
3 Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 

  • Greta and Sofia are awarded a grant from Uppsala University to develop a digital lab for the Biologics Course
  • Come and listen to Greta at PEGS Europe, in Lissabon (November 11th 2020). She will talk about the nice results we have in our last submitted manuscript.
  • The course in Biologics starts for the fourth time. This time the course will include students from the new international master program in drug development.
  • The course Biotechnology and immunology at the pharmaceutical program are held for the first time. We arrange this course together with Ulf Göransson.
  •  Neira Babic, Isak Simon and Ulrika Linde have started in the group for their master projects! 
  • Jamie Morrison has started in the group as a researcher! Welcome Jamie!
  • A new shaking incubator for the mammalian cells expressing our proteins have arrived and we have doubled our protein expression capabilities. 
  •  Canan Ugur Yilmaz is back in our group again, as a researcher! Welcome back Canan!
  •  Antonino Napoleone joins the group as a research assistant and will work with the protein expression. Welcome Antonino!
  • Fadi Rofo presents his half-time seminar entitled: Enhancing the therapeutic effects of biological drugs with protein engineering.
  • Duah Hassan joins the lab for her master thesis project. 
  • Aikaterini Chourlia has started to the group as a researcher assistant! Welcome Katia!
  • Inga Petersen is registered as PhD student in the group! 
  • Nicole Metzendorf has started to the group as a senior researcher! Welcome Nicole!


  • The protein drug design group together with the company BioArctic, Dag Sehlins and Stina Syvänens research groups receives the Biological drugs grant from Vinnova.
  • Join us in PEGS Euroupe, Fadi Rofo present our new data on multivalent binders.
  • Greta is rewarded with Vetenskapsrådets starting grant in medicine.
  • Andrés joins the group as a PhD student. Welcome Andrés!
  • Fadi Rofo presents our recent data on multivalent binders in ULLA summer school in Helsinki.
  • John Samuelsson joins the lab for his master thesis project. 
  • Sofia presents at PEGS Boston, standing in for Greta, and talks about production of bivalet antibodies. 
  • The course in Biological Drugs runs for the first time with students from the pharmacy programme. 
  • Inga Petersen joins the lab as an Erasmus student. Welcome Inga!


  • Canan presents data from our epilepsy/neuroinflammation study @13th European Congress on Epileptology in Vienna. 
  • Canan joins to the group as a researcher! Congrats Canan!
  • Sofia Stenler joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Sofia!
  • We move our laboratory to a new bigger space in C4:2 at BMC.
  • Greta receives a grant of 1 million SEK from Alzheimerfonden.
  • Canan Ugur Yilmaz joins the group as a guest researcher. Welcome Canan!
  • Fadi Rofo is the first one to join the group. He starts as a PhD student in December 2017
  • Greta is presenting data about our BBB transporter on both PEGS Europe and Festival of Biologics.