Pharmaceutical Physics

Design, manufacturing and performance of drug-delivery systems 

Pharmaceutical Physics

In the research area of pharmaceutical physics, the design, manufacturing and performance of drug-delivery systems are studied. An overall theme for this research is to clarify how raw materials, formulation and manufacturing affect the functional properties and quality of drug-delivery systems. The work is mainly focused on drug-delivery systems intended for oral and pulmonary administration.

The research currently has two main directions: (1) experimental and theoretical studies of the behavior of granular materials (powder mechanics) and (2) experiments and modeling of the delivery, dissolution and release of drugs, mainly to the lung.

A consistent theme for the group's activities in powder mechanics is the development of new methods for simulating the behavior of granular materials, especially when these are exposed to relatively high applied pressures such as during manufacturing of tablets.

The research group leader (Göran Frenning) leads a work package in the competence center SweDeliver dedicated to drug delivery to the lung. A large part of the group's activities therefore takes place within the framework of SweDeliver. More information about this and the included projects can be found here.

Last modified: 2022-11-23