Drug Safety & Toxicology

The research group is focusing on mechanisms of adverse health effects induced by pharmaceuticals, various environmental contaminants (including pesticides) and traditionally used medicinal plants. Nowadays we have projects mainly covering the following areas of toxicology: Genetic toxicology (professor Björn Hellman), Toxicity and metabolic bioactivation, and Neurotoxicity during development (professor emeritus Eva Brittebo), Neurotoxicity and parkinsonism (senior lecturer Malin Andersson) and Neuroblastoma and angiogenesis (senior lecturer Faranak Azarbayjani). Our main objective is to contribute with knowledge leading to improved hazard identifications and toxicological risk assessments when it comes to human exposures to various types of xenobiotics. Group leader is professor Björn Hellman. 

Last modified: 2022-11-23