Drug Safety & Toxicology

Our research group focuses on mechanisms of action behind various types of adverse health effects caused by xenobiotics. We are also developing methods to improve the identification of different types of toxic effects. Nowadays, we mainly have projects in the following areas: Genetic toxicology, Reproductive toxicology and childhood cancer, Neurotoxicology and In vitro bioassays for pro- and retrospective environmental toxicity testing. The goal of our research is to contribute with knowledge that leads to improved hazard analyzes and toxicological risk assessments. Research group leader is professor Björn Hellman. Other members of the group are professor emeritus Lennart Dencker, senior professor Eva Brittebo, senior lecturer Faranak Azarbayjani, senior lecturer Malin Andersson, lecturer Sonja Buratovic, lecturer Michael Stigson, postdoc Sebastian Lungu-Mitea, PhD student Erik Bivehed, research assistant Rein Fadoul and laboratory assistant Carin Backlin. Associate professor Oskar Karlsson (https://karlssonlab.se/) is affiliated as a guest researcher, and Azim Ullah Shamsul Islam as an external PhD student doing his projects in UAEU.

Last modified: 2023-04-12