Our research is focused on the properties and regulation of enzymatic processes involving steroids.

Steroids and steroid-related genes and enzymes, producing biologically active metabolites, are vital for human physiology. Many steroids or steroid-related compounds are used as drugs. We apply our expertise in biochemistry and molecular biology to obtain knowledge of relevance for drug discovery and development and drug management. In particular we focus on steroids. We study metabolic conversions, gene regulation and cellular effects of steroids. Primary missions and goals are to find new drug targets, understand the mechanisms for effects of steroids and steroid-related enzymes, compare effects of endogenous molecules and drugs, examine effects of drugs and drug candidates on steroid-related processes and study molecular mechanisms behind adverse drug effects.

Our research activities, focusing on basic research, provide important information that increases the understanding of mechanisms for steroid action. This should improve drug management (e.g. counteract/avoid adverse side-effects) and can be used for development of novel, better drugs

Principal investigators: Maria Norlin and Kjell Wikvall