Selected publications

•    Fridjonsdottir, E., Shariatgorji, R., Nilsson, A., Vallianatou, T., Odell, L.R., Schembri, L.S., Svenningsson, P., Fernagut, P.O., Crossman, A.R., Bezard, E. and Andrén, P.E., 2021. Mass spectrometry imaging identifies abnormally elevated brain l-DOPA levels and extrastriatal monoaminergic dysregulation in l-DOPA–induced dyskinesia. Science Advances, 7(2), p.eabe5948.

•    Källback, P., Vallianatou, T., Nilsson, A., Shariatgorji, R., Schintu, N., Pereira, M., Barré, F., Wadensten, H., Svenningsson, P. and Andrén, P.E., 2020. Cross-validated Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging Quantitation Protocol for a Pharmaceutical Drug and Its Drug-Target Effects in the Brain Using Time-of-Flight and Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Analyzers. Analytical Chemistry, 92(21), pp.14676-14684.

•    Hulme, H., Fridjonsdottir, E., Gunnarsdottir, H., Vallianatou, T., Zhang, X., Wadensten, H., Shariatgorji, R., Nilsson, A., Bezard, E., Svenningsson, P. and Andrén, P.E., 2020. Simultaneous mass spectrometry imaging of multiple neuropeptides in the brain and alterations induced by experimental parkinsonism and L-DOPA therapy. Neurobiology of Disease, 137, p.104738.

•    Shariatgorji, M., Nilsson, A., Fridjonsdottir, E., Vallianatou, T., Källback, P., Katan, L., Sävmarker, J., Mantas, I., Zhang, X., Bezard, E. and Svenningsson, P., 2019. Comprehensive mapping of neurotransmitter networks by MALDI–MS imaging. Nature Methods, 16(10), pp.1021-1028.

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•    Shariatgorji, M., Strittmatter, N., Nilsson, A., Källback, P., Alvarsson, A., Zhang, X., Vallianatou, T., Svenningsson, P., Goodwin, R.J. and Andren, P.E., 2016. Simultaneous imaging of multiple neurotransmitters and neuroactive substances in the brain by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. NeuroImage, 136, pp.129-138.

•    Shariatgorji, M., Nilsson, A., Goodwin, R.J., Källback, P., Schintu, N., Zhang, X., Crossman, A.R., Bezard, E., Svenningsson, P. and Andren, P.E., 2014. Direct targeted quantitative molecular imaging of neurotransmitters in brain tissue sections. Neuron, 84(4), pp.697-707.

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