NCMSI - Collaboration

The National Center for Mass Spectrometry Imaging (NCMSI) collaborates with a network of scientists, including partners and collaborators in private industry, universities, and research institutes around the world.

We develop and offer innovative MALDI-MSI applications in healthcare to accelerate Drug Discovery and Development and diagnostic-prognostic tools for various pathologies and therapeutic areas: neuroscience, oncology and pathology.

Collaboration Principles and Opportunities

Collaborations with the NCMSI resource are initiated by submission of a brief research plan. The Advisory Committee, comprised of senior faculty within the NCMSI platform, will review these plans with regard to the appropriateness of MSI to solve the proposed problem, funding source, and the availability of resources to perform the proposed work.

We consider all projects on a case-by-case basis, and when working with academic (not-for-profit) partners we aim to provide a cost and time structure that is suited to the individual projects needs and capacity. Together with the project(s) sponsor, we can if required explore possibilities to fund the collaboration through grant applications and other types of external resources.

The NCMSI works together with our academic partners and Pharma and Biotech Industry in a flexible manner to be able to provide support in a project.

Guidelines with respect to any publications and intellectual property that are generated during the course of the collaboration are established before the project is initiated.

Between 2010 and 2014, the MS Imaging platform has had many active collaborations with highly renowned researchers from most Swedish universities. In addition, collaborations have been established with multiple pharma companies.

NCMSI-Links to Other Infrastructures

Some of the platforms that we collaborate with are briefly described below.

UDOPP. The MALDI MSI Platform collaborates very closely with the Uppsala Drug Optimization and Pharmaceutical Profiling (UDOPP) platform, which is directed by Prof. Per Artursson.

The Swedish Bioimaging Network. The Swedish Bioimaging network was established in 2009 and is supported by a VR-RFI grant.

SciLifeLab. The MALDI-MSI platform collaborates closely with Prof. Jonas Bergquist, Platform Director of Uppsala University’s Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics Platform and the Proteomic Resource Center.

European Cooperation of Science and Technology (COST) Action BM1104:
Mass Spectrometry Imaging: New Tools for Healthcare Research.
A new European imaging MS network was established in 2011 to explicitly compare and contrast existing methods and develop best practice guidelines for the entire healthcare research community.

European Proteomics Association (EuPA). EuPA is a non-profit organization and has recently set up an MS Imaging Initiative that is chaired by the Per Andrén.

Pharma Industry. The NCMSI is currently collaborating with several big and small Pharma companies.