For improved development and use of drugs

International collaborations

The Department has got extensive international contacts and academic collaborations within pharmaceutical biosciences. We are cooperating nationally and internationally with many universities and pharmaceutical drug companies in order to improve drug development and management as the basis for drug efficiency and  safety.

In addition, the Faculty of Pharmacy is a partner of the ULLA consortium – The European Consortium for Advanced Pharmaceutical Education and Research, together with universities in London, Leiden, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Parma and Leuven. These universities are cooperating in research and postgraduate education. An integral part of the ULLA consortium is to organise an ULLA Summer School every second year. The summer school allows PhD students to widen their knowledge of key issues facing the pharmaceutical industry today and in the future. Equally important it gives PhD students an opportunity to have a great time and create an international network.

Uppsala University has around 3,000 agreements for international research cooperation with more than 1,000 universities worldwide.  Uppsala University has student exchange agreements with approximately 500 foreign universities in 50 countries.

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