Working environment

A good physical, mental and social work environment should characterize all work at the university and thereby contrbute to a successful business. The work environment must be designed to create the conditions for job satisfaction, development opportunities and security for both employees and students.

Link to UU´s website on work environment.

Department´s safety handbook for students, doctoral students and employees

All students who do independent work (indepth proect/ex-job) and doctoral students at the department must read the department´s safety handbook and sign a receipt for having received relevant information. The safety handbook is distributed by the study director or supervisor within the subject area/research group the student will work in. It is mandatory for all students, doctoral students and employees to read releant sections of the safety manual. Thereafter, you must certify that you have taken note of the working environment information and the signed receipt must be submitted in Marina Rönngren´s mailbin in A3:2. The department has several saftey representatives and they are stated in the safety manual. If you have any questions, contact the safety representative.

Safety manuals are always available in a mailbin in A3:2 and a pdf-file of the saftey manual can also be downloaded from the institution´s internal website.

Last modified: 2022-03-25