Undergraduate education in Pharmaceutical Science

The department offer many courses when you want to learn more about drug development and drug management

Basic courses in human physiology and cell biology, courses about drug administration and transport in the human body, mechanism of action, drug effects and how drugs are metabolized and excreted. Other examples are courses about drug formulation, bioactive natural products, biological drugs and drug toxicity.

On the advanced level you will find specialized courses that are focused on research and oriented towards work in the pharmaceutical area. For example, you can learn more about medications in pregnancy, treatment for substance use disorders, drug safety and risk evaluations, drug formulation, extemporaneous medicines, drug discovery based on natural products, global pharmacy, or you can choose more methodological courses in molecular receptor and enzyme processing or biostatistical models in drug development.

The department is responsible for teaching within the Bachelor of Science programme in Pharmacy (3 y, 180 hp) and the Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy (5 y, 300 hp). A degree from these programmes renders the student eligibility to apply for a Swedish licence as a receptarie or apotekare, respectively, at the National Board of Health and Welfare. The department also offers courses within the Master’s Programme in Drug Management, the Master´s Programme in Drug Discovery and Development and the Master’s Programme in Pharmaceutical Modelling as well as Master’s programme in Chemical Engineering with specialization in drugs .

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Last modified: 2022-04-06