PhD Education

The department has a high priority for research training. The aim is to prepare the PhD students to become independent researchers able to make significant contributions to academia and/or pharmaceutical industry, and to take on highly qualified professional tasks.

The department has two weekly seminar series for PhD students and young scientists – one series focusing on pharmacokinetics/ pharmacometrics and one series focusing on basic bioscience. Here, the PhD students can improve their oral presentation skills and their ability to discuss research, which is an important goal within the scientific training.

The 4-year program is made up of research work and a number of courses, with a total course requirement of 30 credit points (one semester full-time). Most PhD students fulfill more than this requirement. The PhD thesis is a doctoral thesis consisting of separately published articles with an introductory comprehensive summary. A PhD thesis is typically comprised of around 4 – 5 scientific papers, of which at least half are published in scientific journals at the time of the public thesis defense. Besides the research activities, the PhD students participate in seminars and at international conferences. Apart from research, many PhD students perform important tasks in undergraduate teaching, comprising around 20 % of their time, making the total time for a PhD exam be around 5 years. The teaching assignments give the students experience of a broader knowledge base than their own research area. It also gives them leadership and communication skills that are of importance in further professional life. PhD students may also tutor master students in experimental research work. During 2011 there were on average 54 PhD students registered. Thirteen PhD students defended their theses and 9 new PhD students were registered.

The Research Education Group at the Department actively structures the application procedure for PhD student positions, especially by contributing to the process of establishing new positions and selecting new PhD students. This group consists of two representatives from teachers, one PhD student and one secretary. Through the Chair, the group also follows the training by requesting yearly follow up document from each PhD student – supervisor where issues regarding coursework and communication between student and supervisor can be evaluated. The Chair is also a member of the Research Education Committee of the area of Medicine and Pharmacy, hereby connecting to central decision making.

Last modified: 2022-04-06