Photocopiers / Printers

We have a large volumecopier that copies A4 and A3 at high speed.
It can staple, punch and fold
We can also ring tie and plastic wrap. You can also get help with layout work here.

If you have any questions contact:

Mail and packages

Outgoing mail can be left in the mailbox in the corridor (emptied daily at approx. 15.00) or directly to the BMC mail room C6: 0.
Preprinted envelopes (which are not for private use) cannot be sent in standard yellow mailboxes outside BMC.
For internal mail, the large brown envelopes must be used.
Internal mail can be sent to all departments at Uppsala University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and University Hospital Akademiska sjukhuset. 

For questions regarding mail and parcels, you can contact

Office supply

Office supply storage is available in  A3:2.

If you are missing something in the store, contact:

Last modified: 2024-01-08