Financial administration

The departments financial administration provides help with general questions regarding rules and guidelines as well as financial matters like below. 

Click the link to find more administrative information about financial matters: Ekonomi A-Ö 

Martin (financial coordinator) 100% phone 4501

Allocation of Stat grant, Budget, Annual account, Continuous analysis, Accounting of external projects, Internal allocation, Premises cost, Account distribution of salaries, Follow up towards project, Follow up towards budget, Sales invoices, Requisitions, Financial questions, Inventory of facilities and short term equipment and laptops, TimeEdit-costs, Costs for examinations, BMC common cost, Stipends, Tender and procurement, Archiving Contracts, Financial support to the board and head of the department, Rebuilding and renovation, Financial guidelines

Elisabeth (financial administrator) 100% phone 4254

Expenses for business travel - validation, Accounting of EU funded projects, Stipends, Accounts payable, Sales invoices, Requisitions, Expenses, Introduction to Primula web, UL/SL-cards for daytrips, Willys-card for smaller expenses, Invoice questions, Financial questions, Archiving Contracts, Financial guidelines

Address and invoices

Postal address: From January 1, paper invoices will be sent to the following invoice address:
Uppsala universitet
Box 148, 751 04  Uppsala

Invoice address
Ref.kod (452XXX) is mandatory as well as the name of the purchaser

Swedish suppliers should send paper invoices to:
Uppsala universitet
Invoices, Box 148
751 04 Uppsala

Foreign suppliers should send invoices to the departments address
Uppsala universitet
Institutionen för Farmaceutisk biovetenskap
Box 591, 751 24  Uppsala

Foreign suppliers could send a PDF invoice, please use a valid e-mail address at the department


VAT: SE202100293201