Research Projects in Pharmacometrics

Methodological Research:   

Disease areas:

Optimal Design / Clinical Trial Design 

Andrew Hooker, Mats Karlsson,  Joakim Nyberg  

Model Building and Parameter Estimation   

Andrew Hooker, Mats Karlsson  

Diagnostic Tools   

Andrew Hooker, Siv Jönsson, Mats Karlsson

Software Development  

Kajsa Harling, Andrew Hooker, Mats Karlsson,    
Rikard Nordgren

Pharmacodynamic Modelling of Discrete Outcomes

Andrew Hooker, Mats Karlsson, Elodie Plan    

Mechanism-based Pharmacokinetic Models  

Martin Bergstrand, Mats Karlsson  

Pharmacometric Modelling of Biological Medicinal Products   

Andrew Hooker, Siv Jönsson, Mats Karlsson

Pharmacometric Antibiotics Research

Lena Friberg, Mats Karlsson, Elisabet Nielsen

Pharmacometric Research of Infectious Diseases

Martin Bergstrand, Mats Karlsson, Ulrika Simonsson, Elin Svensson

Type 2 Diabetes

Mats Karlsson, Maria Kjellsson

Pharmacometric Oncology Research

Lena Friberg, Mats Karlsson

Progressive Disorders

Andrew Hooker, Lena Friberg, Mats Karlsson, Elodie Plan, Ulrika Simonsson

Immunological Disorders

Lena Friberg, Mats Karlsson

Model-based Individualized Drug Therapy 

Siv Jönsson, Mats Karlsson, Elisabet Nielsen